Absolutely Wonderful: Goodale Farms Goat Cheese on the NOFO in Aquebogue, L.I., N.Y

Up until 9:30 this evening, the next entry was to be all about sunrise and sunset pics that I had taken over the last year. All these spectacular pics from Florida to the Long Island Expressway and then some were coming your way next..
Then Sandy walks into the room and exclaims “you’re not going to believe the article I just read in Dan’s Papers…your gonna think it’s freaky”.
Let me start at the beginning.
While driving in Aquebogue on our way home from one of our usual forays to the north fork of L.I., I saw a few goats, what looked like a couple of calves in a small fenced in area and a sign that I thought said goat cheese or goats milk. Since we had tried earlier in the day to buy goat cheese from Catapano (another venerable name in goat cheese in Peconic) and found it closed for the season, I had to turn the car around and investigate. Inside a tiny little ‘store’ was a refrigerator packed with goat cheese, feta cheese, goats milk and other delicacies that goats and cows produce.
Never hearing or seeing this “farm” intrigued us even more, since we thought we had seen it all on the north fork. Guess not!
We bought one clear pack of goat cheese…left the money in the fridge on the honor system and finished the trip home. Only now am I thinking this may have been my opportunity to try goats milk as I have always shied away from doing so.
Below is a portion of the article from Dan’s Papers…and enough info to get you there. If you have been following my blog, you will also know he we regard Luce Hawkins food and chef Keith Luce.
What makes this whole thing “freaky” is that all of these finds are connected…not only because we serendipitously found these spots, they also happen to be connected with each other.
I’ll take this one step further. These finds simply do not happen unless you are open to new things. Keep saying no and you’ll get old before your time. Get out there and see new things, learn the new technology, meet new people and remember to “Just Say Yes”.
Read the article below and for sure this is another stop on your day trip to Long Island’s north fork.
Have a Happy & Healthy New Year everybody…and see a few pix in the following “Absolutely Freakin’ Freaky Friday Find Pix” with a sunset tease.
Sunrises & Sunsets to follow soon.
All the best,


L.I. Sunset

Hamptons Epicure: Great Stuff at Goodale Farms

December 22, 2011 by Stacy Dermont

I often say that one of the best things about living on the South Fork of Long Island is the North Fork of Long Island.
Last Saturday when I visited the Fair Food Market at Bay Burger in Sag Harbor, I experienced a stunning B. C. A. (Biforkal Culinary Adventure).
Having grown up in Western New York, I have a hard time trusting a good-looking farmer. But on that fine morning I allowed Goodale Farms’ Kevin Dunathan’s cow’s milk to seduce me. It comes in a GLASS bottle! Even better – it’s fresh and creamy, clean as grass.
To spur further adventure I also picked up a bottle of Goodale Farmsgoat’s milk. Yum, it’s just the thing to lighten my tea! I can’t wait to try all of Goodale Farms’ cheeses – but, it turns out, I’m kinda late to the party. One of my favorite chefs, Keith Luce, of Luce + Hawkins in Jamesport, has already put some Goodale Farm cheese on his menu. Small wonder – Goodale Farms of Aquebogue was awarded first place by the American Dairy Goat Association at its 2011 National Convention held in Grand Rapids, Michigan, for both its plain chevre and unflavored feta cheeses, beating numerous national competitors. Go North Fork!
Goodale Farms was originally founded by Hal Goodale, whose family has been farming the East End of Long Island for about 150 years. Dunathan joined Goodale this fall to fulfill his lifelong dream of owning and operating a farm. Together with accomplished cheesemaker Karen Danzer, Goodale Farms claims to offer the best artisanal cheese on Long Island.
Goodale Farms is a full-service farm which believes in traditional farming. Its cows and goats are raised on the farm.

Goodale Farms was just licensed for dairy production LAST SPRING – I can’t wait to see and taste what they do next!
Their full line of products currently includes cheeses (Wasabi, Walnut Cranberry, Horseradish), butter, bottled milk, bottled cream, yogurt and cream cheeses, old school sauerkraut (with carrots in it!), pickled cauliflower and dill pickles, eggs, vegetables and fruits in season and jams, jellies and salsa. Keeping the “Good” in Goodale, all of these goods can be purchased at Goodale Farms’ on-site farmstand.

Goodale Farms, 250 Main Road, Aquebogue. www.goodalefarms.com.

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