Prelude to Brandywine & Amish Country

For those of you who know me, you know I know my food.
For you and those who don’t really know me…and are reading my blog because I keep pounding it into your brain that you won’t be sorry…get ready for the best fast food chicken sandwich ever!
It all started in March, 2010 when my wife Sandy and I went to Philadelphia. My good friend Howard’s daughter Nicole was getting married and we wanted to visit Styer’s Nurseries (not just another nursery) before getting ready for the wedding.

See comments on this link from visitors to:
Terrain at Styers is a magical place. We went for Mother’s Day and it was like we were transported from Northeast Philadelphia to Sonoma or Southern France

We just happened to stumble on to a Chick-Fil-A fast food restaurant that was new to us and figured we’d try it out for lunch.
Upon entering we were greeted by a lady with a warm hello at the door and then proceeded to counter to order lunch.
At their recommendation, Sandy ordered the traditional Chick-Fil-A Sandwich and I ordered the same sandwich in the new Spicy version. We shared waffle fries and ordered unsweetened iced tea with lemon. While we were waiting, I was off to the condiment bar picking up some ketchup, mustard, light (yes, light) mayo and b-b-q sauce. Growing up in California and used to everything served with all of these…ie California Style  (b-b-q was my addition), I said to myself “I love this place”…and I hadn’t even tasted the sandwich.
I commented to “Barbara”, the lady at the door, that everything looked so clean and everyone was so pleasant and they even had light mayo..and she says “have you ever been here before”? When I said this was our first time, she asked where we were sitting and insisted we go relax  (Sandy had a table outside in the late March sun) and she would bring out the food. Not only that, she asked us what we ordered for desert and upon hearing we ordered nothing, she insisted we order something “on the house” and she would bring that out too.
Come on now…did YOU ever…anywhere?
Ok…so here is this totally ungreasy lightly coated with bread crumbs 1″ thick fried chicken breast sandwich with all my condiments…and I’m dumbfounded that I have just tasted the best chicken sandwich in my life.
In my life? Yes! You know how some folks say a sandwich is all about the bread? Well, that’s all part of why the sandwich was so damned good.
Ok…so we were super impressed and I swore I we would return when we came back to Philly. What I meant was, this place would be part of the next trip..and the next trip was going to be in September to Amish Country.

Chick Fil-A – Flatiron – New York, NY

Rated 4.0 out of 5.0

 24 reviews – Price range: $

24 Reviews of Chick Fil A “Whaaaaaa? I’ve lived in NYC for how long without I opened the chicken sandwich which was wrapped in a folded foil bag and it

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Bert Spitz says:

Phoodographs to follow &
See reviews of the only NYC Chick-Fil-A

Lindsay says:

They had chick fil a all over Maryland where I went to school and I miss it!! I have to try the one at NYU.

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