Orchids, Burrata and…Fresh Mozzarella & Roasted Peppers

What? Huh? Orchids and what?
Burrata, or “Buttered” in Italian, is a gastronomy that must be experienced…and is literally 3 minutes from The New York Botannical Gardens in the Beautiful Bronx.
In short, a day at the BBG’s Orchid Show (click “Blog Archive” to see Orchid pics) that runs until April 25th and then finish up on Arthur Avenue (Closed on Sunday) starting at Teitel’s…a true Italian salumeria.
Burrata is not available all the time, but when it is…grab it @ 7.95 for an 8oz. ball of fresh mozzarella stuffed in the center with shards of fresh mozzarella that have been soaked in cream (available now and then for 9.95 to 10.95 in most other places).
Parmigiano Reggiano was $9.95 lb. the last time I was there. Wonderful extra virgin olive oil packed in Italy for Teitel’s at $ 20.00 is another very good value.
It goes beyond the overall quality of the sliced meats, pastas and many other imported Italian foods at very fair prices. It has a lot to do with ambience and that old time feeling. And the smell…ohhhh that smell!
Next…onto Peters Meat Market just down the street (just ask the local barber where Pete’s Meat Market is) for the best a butcher has to offer.
We love the thin sliced veal that is sliced thin and pounded to order @ 15.99 lb. (in general, a fair price…but great price based on the standout quality).
I usually make my own meat balls, however tried theirs and found them to be exceptional, especially @ 5.99 lb. Considering beef is 3.99 lb, its worth it to let them make them for the extra $2.00 lb.
The salt capers in the barrel are phenominal…get ’em!…and don’t miss the fruits and vegetables all over the place (seen in foreground of this pic).



Wait!!! I almost forgot to tell you about Addeo & Sons Bakery…a real throw back to the 1950’s.
PHE-nominal bread in all shapes and sizes…and ohhhh goodness..that smell!
It’s actually on a street that runs just one block parallel to Arthur Avenue…so just ask and you’ll find it.
There I go again…the ole food tangent.
Back to the Orchid Show. DO NOT FORGET YOUR CAMERA and try to arrive early…let’s say by around 10:30 or 11:00 AM. in order to avoid the crowds.
The show is unmatched in beauty, not to mention the gardens themselves.
Take the tram ride and if you want the best of all worlds…buy a family membership instead of individual tickets for the day…and all for only $125.00 for all the visits you can make in the year…and that includes free parking. The place blossoms and sparkles all year long inside and out. Really, the most valuable membership ever.
An added treat…all the cafe’s on the property are gourmet. Now, there’s a surprise.
Bottom line…2 more “finds” for you all to enjoy.
So…from me to you…”Just Say Yes”!!!

Recipe for Burrata and Proscuitto di Parma
*1/4 lb. Proscuitto di Parma (covering the entire plate)
*1  8 oz. ball Burrata cut in half (in center of plate)
*1/4 lb. Red and/or Gold Roasted Peppers Winter or Summer)…or…Fresh Sliced Tomato (Summer)
*Drizzle fresh basil infused EVOO over Burrata
* Drizzle Manodori Balsamico wherever you want
*Fresh sliced bread from Addeo & Sons Bakery (or your favorite) very lightly toasted and gently rubbed with a piece of fresh garlic
*Your favorite Olives
*Few fresh pepper grinds
…and Mangia Baby!
…sorry… no other balsamic will cut it. So…those of you who have this brown gold, you are in luck.
Those who do not, you can place your order with me for this special vinegar at cost. Just let me know and i’ll give you the details.
Seriously…this is the best vinegar, however if you do not have it or do not want to spring for the bucks for this special product, be sure to use a good balsamic.
See one of my past entries titled “Vinaigrette in it’s simplest form”.

All the best and thanks for reading my food blog…
and PLEASE feel free to comment!

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Can't wait to try this! Perhaps this could be on the menu for Sunday dinner this week!

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